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Lina Gleizer- A Legend in Aesthetics

Lina Gleizer- A Legend in Aesthetics

Jul/Aug 1993

This Legendary leader in the skin care industry has combined Eastern traditions with success in the West.

Lina Gleizer is making a difference in the way women see themselves and the way others see them. To understand why Lina is having such impact, we look to Romania and Russia. This is where Lina lived and studied, and where cosmetology is considered a medical profession. This is her story, her approach to beauty and skin care.

Born in Romania, Lina grew up around a tradition of professional excellence. Her father was a medical doctor, and her mother taught French. Her gentle life was abruptly shattered by the Nazi occupation of Romania, and she and her family were sent to the Balanivka concentration camp in the Ukraine, where she lost her father.

Courage and determination marked Lina's life following liberation from the camp. She graduated from high school and nursing school in Cernowitz, Ukraine, while raising a family and working full-time at the children's hospital. She treated children who suffered from post-war famine and dystrophy. Lina was introduced to cosmetology and skin care when her aunt, a dermatologist and skin care professional educated in Paris, recognized Lina's talent and began to supervise her education.

Lina worked for sic years as an aesthetician and skin care specialist in Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine, at a major health center. Through the state health department, she was admitted to the skin care program at the Medical Institute in Kiev, where usually only doctors were allowed to attend. From Kiev, she moved to Leningrad and completed a four year degree program at the Earoslavel Medical School and worked nine years in all areas of skin care at the city's largest institute of medical skin care and cosmetology.

A New Country

Her desire for freedom brought her to the United States in 1975, but not before the immigration process took her to Italy for four months. During this time, she taught an intensive program in skin care techniques. A number of her students are now prominent skin care specialist working throughout the world. Finally in America, Lina traveled to Minnesota where she was reunited with her son and paternal relatives. Lina immediately set about meeting the new challenges of learning English (her sixth language) and attaining the necessary license for her field. She completed the nine-month program in just four months. Her exceptional skill caught the attention of an instructor, who recommended her to Daytons - a leading retailer in the Twin Cites and in the United States - where she was immediately hired for their Looking Glass Salon.

Lina's reputation grew quickly, and she soon began working on a free lance and consulting basis at a number of the area's more fashionable salons. In 1987, she opened her own salon, Lina's Essence of Beauty, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

In addition to running her own salon, Lina began working with Dr. Allen Moberg, a plastic surgeon and leading innovator in his field. They knew of each other through dermatology colleagues and many of Dr. Moberg's patients who were seeing Lina for skin treatments. Interested in her approach and results, Dr. Moberg asked Lina to develop a program in conjunction with his new techniques and approach to cosmetic surgery, beauty and self-image. The combination of their talents and philosophies led to the opening of S'teem, a cosmetic surgery, skin care, beauty and health center in Edina, Minnesota.

Lina is certified by the Association of Independent Professional Therapists International in London. She remains actively involved in the United States/European World Congress on Skin Care held in New York, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Monte Carlo and elsewhere, as well as in CIDESCO and the American Association for Aesthetics and Skin Care. She lectures on skin care techniques and aging, and she teaches at Carl's at the Ritz Salon.

Lina has consistently attended national and international skin care seminars and trade shows throughout her career. Most recently Lina was invited by Dinur Cosmetics Ltd., to present a seminar on skin care treatments in Tel Aviv, Israel.