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Robert Diemer- A Legend in Aesthetics

Robert Diemer- A Legend in Aesthetics

May/Jun 1986

"Prosperity through achievement" is and has been the philosophy and dream of Rover M. Diemer, a successful cosmetic skin care specialist. This dream has become a reality from years of hard work and professional dedication to the beauty industry, especially with his involvement in the field of skin care. Mr. Diemer is instrumentals in leading estheticians the world over with new innovative ideas on skin care which are based on sound research data.

Robert Diemer, executive director of the American Institute of Esthetics, an advanced training center for skin care professionals located in Huntington Beach, CA. He is known throughout the professional beauty industry as a leading authority on skin care and makeup artistry through his numerous lectures and various published works. These articles have been found featured In American Salons, Les Nouvelles Esthetics, Prevention Magazine and many more.

The dream of Robert Diemer began to unfold as early as 1969 when after extensive travel and training under such masters as Mark Traynor, Way Bandy, Christine Valmy and Christine Shaw of London, Robert began to grasp the feeling that was quickly becoming apparent in the esthetic community. Where was it going? What was the future? What now?

All these questions amounted to frustration for estheticians the nation over who were in pursuit of a high professional image as well as increasing their financial security. Robert, as well as his peers, felt extremely dissatisfies with the "Status quo" and especially with the disillusionment over the lack of education offered to aestheticians in America. He was also disappointed with the amount and level of "product knowledge" that so-called major manufactures were providing in order to educate esthetics about their particular line of products. Robert made a commitment to himself and his peers to safeguard the profession of esthetics by enhancing its public and professional image with the advancement of product knowledge and his concepts and theories on corrective skin care. This was centered on the basic idea of improving education and the quality of the profession and increasing public awareness and acceptance.

The dream became reality after years of research and development when in 1976 the doors were opened to the American Institute of Esthetics. Estheticians from all over the world were invited to hear Robert speak and discuss his new concepts on corrective skin care for use in their particular salon. All with great success and a great deal of client satisfaction.

Robert's approach to education was based on his refined skin care concepts and practical theories of corrective skin care. This innovative approach became the ground work necessary for implementing advanced esthetic seminars that would teach effective and profitable skin care techniques. He wanted to teach estheticians how to obtain observable results through corrective skin care treatments which resulted in meeting individual skin care problems.

In his product line, Prescription Plus, Robert felt compelled to avoid both limitations and reliance on certain ingredients. Due to his involvement and research with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, he developed a "Para-medical" approach to skin care; that is, individual skin conditions need individualized treatment. This system is now used in the most progressive salons in the United States. It also has introduced the professional "Art of Esthetics" to the costumer. The system encompasses the client's health, nutrition medical history and lifestyle and is being used by many leading estheticians in lectures, seminars and workshops all over the world today. The information is utilized as the foundation on which appropriate esthetic treatments are based. Robert Diemer has been instrumental in elevating estheticians to the status of professionals with this innovative and practical program. As well, he understood that active ingredients, like drugs, would work on particular conditions and not on others. The Prescription Plus Laboratory was the answer: a series of base cleansers, creams, tonics, masks, etc., and a variety of the most widely used active ingredients. Through systematic charting of the skin, called "Derma-Analysis" founded by Robert, the esthetician decides which ingredients are needed to correct a particular skin problem. These ingredients are "custom-blended" into both the home care as well as treatment products for a particular client. This streamlined addition to the skin care industry was an important step in the development of an American approach to skin care. This new concept often shocked many people in the profession and was slightly ahead of its time.

Many estheticians/salon owners were not quite sure how to view this. However the truly progressive salon owners realized the value of providing their clients with a skin care product, a product so specialized it was almost like a prescription for their skin! The concept began to realize itself and became an important addition to the tools of many professional estheticians.

Over the past several years, under Robert's directions, the American Institute of Esthetics has made its mark in the field of skin care. Robert, his staff and co-op membership have been featured speakers at almost every major trade show in the United States. Research articles prepared by the institute have appeared in major publications across the world. The impact of the Institute is being felt on the international level, stemming from the theories and philosophies which Robert has projected over the past several years, and are fast becoming the basis of skin care education in cosmetology schools across the country/ the 1980's have proven to be very successful years for Robert Diemer. Celebrity status in the fast paced fashion and beauty industry must be earned and is exceptionally difficult to maintain. Easily approached for his ideas on skin care and makeup by students and professionals, Robert is always willing to share his expertise. His personal philosophy is to allow people to grow and reach their own potential in an atmosphere that encourages their self-esteem and confidence. He takes as much time as possible out of his busy schedule to see and talk to many people regarding their new ideas, their problems and when asked, freely gives professional advice.

In 1983 Robert was approached by the Long Beach Hairdressers Guild, Inc., to establish the First Esthetic Congress for their forty first Annual LBHG Beauty and Trade Show. In January of 1984 the First Esthetic Congress was given in Long Beach, California, where Mr. Diemer brought speakers from all over the world to lecture and educate on a national level. Robert also introduced the first makeup artistry that had not been explored at a national show before this time. The response was overwhelming. In January of 1986, over 55,000 attendees had the opportunity to learn from 40 of the worlds leading skin care and makeup specialist, under the direction of Robert Diemer, at the third Annual Skin Care and Makeup Congress held at the forty third Annual LBHG Beauty and Trade Show, in Long Beach, California. Robert's Long list of positions held includes founding president of Aestheticians International Association in California. In 1982 Robert was appointed to HairAmerica and in 1983 he was given the title of the first Esthetics Section Director for HairAmerica. In August, 1985, the reality of his growing leadership was recognized when at the Federation of American Esthetics National Convention (consisting of the Aestheticians International Association; CIDESCO, USA: and the Skin Care Association of America) voted unanimously to disband and become part of the National Hairdressers and Cosmetologist Association's newly formed EstheticsAmerica. EstheticsAmerica proudly chose Robert M. Diemer as their founding chairman, an honor Robert admits is presently the highlight of his esthetic career. Robert is now working on the first national convention to be held in Washington DC, July 1986. The premiere congress held in January 1986, in New Orleans, was a great success and Robert says "there is no time like the present to make esthetics and full service salon a house-hold word". Robert realizes without the support of HairAmerica, and the National Hairdressers and Cosmetologist Association, none of this would have been possible. He takes every opportunity he can to thank everyone who as supported the development and unification of estheticians in America.

In retrospect, as we look at Robert M. Diemer we see a man who loves his work, the many hours of preparation for conventions and congresses are all voluntary. Why? Robert has made the status of the American esthetician his life time goal. "We no longer have to rely upon a European approach to esthetics! The American esthetician has taken the best of Europe and incorporated that knowledge with American technology and understanding to produce a new philosophy in esthetics." A philosophy that Robert is very proud to be a part of. His dreams have realized themselves, proving over and over again that a well-educated esthetician trained in America can obtain results "par excellence" and become the leaders in the international esthetic movement. This dream many thousands of American estheticians have already realized. ROBERT M. DIEMER DEVOTED TO THE ADVANCEMENT OF ESTHETICS IN AMERICA AND ALL OVER THE WORLD.