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Eve Taylor
Eve Taylor
February 2014


Eve  Taylor


In 2013, Eve  Taylor OBE celebrated her 50th career anniversary within the beauty industry.  Eve's career began in the early 1960s when she started direct selling cosmetics  from home to help pay for her original beauty school education in England.

At 81 years of  age, Eve Taylor continues to teach worldwide and learn new ideas, and she  continues to be an inspiration to all who meet  her around the world.

Eve was born in  London in 1932, one of five children, three girls and two boys. When Eve left  school after World War II, she joined the Women's Royal Navy Service (WRNS).  She subsequently married in the early 1950s and had five children of her own  (all boys), all by the early 1960s.

However, with so many  grey school uniforms in the house, Eve decided that she now wanted to make a  difference in her own life, as well as others, and become a professional beauty  therapist. During the early 1960s, beauty therapy was one of the most expensive  school careers which you could pursue. Professional beauty schools were both  rare and costly to the majority of women wishing to join the industry. Eve  decided to take the plunge and start classes at a local college in London, taking  subjects covering both beauty therapy and cosmetic chemistry. The courses would  last over two years, all of which were part time. As a result, Eve started to  learn her new profession by day at college and then sell cosmetics at night  from her home in order to pay for her new chosen career's education. She had  great determination, commitment and drive to succeed in the profession. It was  just the start of demonstrating how Eve's drive and inspiration to others would  manifest, following her formal graduation and into the UK Beauty Profession.

Eve went on to  build a very successful home visiting practice, meeting demands from local  schools for her lectures on skin care for school leavers, as the 1960s were  just waking up to professional beauty in the  UK on a major scale, thanks to UK pioneers like Mary Quant, Vidal Sassoon, and  so on.

Also, in the  early 1960s, Eve attended a lecture on essential oils and aromatherapy by an  Austrian lady, Madame Marguerite Maury. This  lecture was to change her life completely as she wanted to learn more about  essential oils and how they could influence a person's total well-being and  complete skin care needs.

Eve always wanted  to learn more and add new skills to help her in her new-found career as a  beauty therapist. It was this desire to learn more that would help shape Eve  Taylor's career path and destiny as an industry pioneer for decades to come.

But it was not  until 1968 that Eve's professional career started to really take shape when she  opened her very first beauty salon in London and then published her own book, Face, Figure & Fashion.

Eve still wanted to  go further; she wanted to master the aromatherapy techniques needed to perfect  her treatments. She then decided to study with Micheline Arcier in London.  Aromatherapy was still in its infancy across the world in the 1960s and seen by  some as being way ahead of its time and very "hocus pocus." Many therapists did  not have the belief that this treatment could provide such stunning results.

Still teaching at age 78


In 1969, Eve  developed her own private range of skin care products. But it was her expertise  in essential oil formulations and an impressive knowledge of aromatherapy that  really helped put her firmly on the world's "Beauty Industry Radar" and helped  raise her professional, personal and business reputation. In 1972, Eve also  decided to open her second salon in Sevenoaks, Kent, one of the largest in the  UK.

Eve has always  been fascinated with new treatments/techniques/products (such as the early body  wraps systems) and always keeps a keen eye on the trends. At one stage, Eve  taught professional ear piercing at her salon premises in Kent; one of her  models was Lady Diana Spencer, known more widely to many as Diana the Princess  of Wales.

In the mid 1970s, things really started to  fall in place. Eve had fully mastered both her aromatherapy treatment  techniques and created one of the world's first range of professional  pre-blended aromatherapy treatment oils for clinical use for both the face and  body. It was at this point that Eve decided to teach her own aromatherapy  courses across the UK and beyond.


In 1976, Eve  Taylor was invited by one of her former students to teach her own aromatherapy  classes at the Annette Hanson School, based in the Empire State Building in New  York. In 1983, Eve was invited to teach at International Dermal Institute, at  the time a newly formed school in California. This collaboration strengthened  over the years with its original founder Jane Martin (now Jane Wurwand).

Eve then started  to develop a fantastic network internationally with some of the world's leading  beauty schools and experts within the industry, such as the Isa Carstens  Academy in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It was through people like Isa Carstens,  Annette Hanson and Jane Wurwand, among others, that Eve was able to share her  knowledge and create a whole new market for aromatherapy as a professional  treatment.

Eve was, for  many, the original modern day pioneer that helped establish aromatherapy and  its popularity in the profession and to their clients. In 1981, Eve achieved a  personal ambition and opened her own school in London which was to be known as  the "Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy," now known as the "International  Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy," with her original techniques being taught  in the UK and then worldwide.

As part of Eve  Taylor's lifelong learning, she also studied with a Chinese doctor and learned  about a whole new way of looking at clients using oriental analysis (such as reading  their face and feet). This technique helped her understand what the cause and  effect may have been in a person's life before any treatment would be given and  ensured that the client gained maximum benefit from the experience. Even today,  many therapists struggle to fully understand the concept of "total well-being."  There are many things that the professional therapist can influence, but we are  who we are because of what we inherit, experience, and eat –  everything that happens in a person's life  leaves a mark.


Eve's enthusiasm  and passion for education and training also led her into campaign for even  higher professional beauty standards of education across the world in an effort  to protect and ensure that the public only went to qualified therapists. This  also led to Eve becoming the co-chief examiner for the City & Guilds London  for Beauty Therapy, which she held for seven years, so that she could lead the  profession from the front. Eve also then became the secretary for education for  the Confederation of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (CIBTAC). In 1991, Eve  Taylor was made Chairman of the UK's leading Beauty Profession Association, British  Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC).

But it was  clearly the aromatherapy treatment that was to make the name of Eve Taylor  popular around the world and within the professional beauty industry as a  whole. She was promoting the aromatherapy treatment and use of pre-blended oils  long before many had seen its true potential – this was also the new frontier  for holistic therapies across the world as aromatherapy was the early pioneer  for acceptance by the masses.

In the early 1990s,  Eve decided to relocate her school to Cambridgeshire in England, but still  continues to travel and teach worldwide today as the demand exists to only have  Eve Taylor as the teacher in the class.

In January 2008,  Eve Taylor was recognized by Her Majesty the Queen of England in the UK New  Year's Honours List. This was a great achievement for all concerned, the  industry, the profession, as well as for the formal recognition of Eve Taylor's  own personal crusade and contribution to what has now become a worldwide and  growing aromatherapy industry.

Aromatherapy as a  professional treatment has now become inextricably linked with Eve Taylor's  name throughout the world. Many of her former students have gone on to  establish their own names in aromatherapy which, in itself, is a true legacy to  the aromatherapy profession and the real benefits of using essential oils as  part of a complete well-being treatment. And with her many former students  across the world now running successful businesses, it is great to know that a  little bit of Eve Taylor's early inspiration, born in the 1960s, is still alive  and well today.