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Erica Miller- A Legend in Aesthetics

Erica Miller- A Legend in Aesthetics

May/Jun 1987

It is with deep gratitude and respect that we are able to share with you the story of Erica Miller and her growth and contributions in the world of esthetics. Many of you will be able to relate to some of the times and events we describe, because you were there! So join us as we travel with Erica on her journey in esthetics.

Erica began her journey into the world of esthetics with her initial training at the Christine Shaw School of Beauty in London, England in 1972. There she received diplomas in beauty culture, facial treatments, cosmetology, manicure, kinesiology, facial and body massage. From London, she then traveled to Pairs, France for practical training under Madame Lilyane of Sothys Produit de Beauty.

From Paris, Ms. Miller went to Tokyo, Japan where she worked for three years as Chief Esthetician for Kanebo Cosmetics, Inc. Kanebo Cosmetics is the second largest cosmetic firm in Japan, and the first to recognize esthetics as a profession and to develop skin care technology, equipment, and cosmetics. Ms. Miller was chief instructor for all training programs for Southeast Asian Beauticians sponsored by Kanebo. She also happened to be the only foreign employee of a 35, 000 member conglomerate corporation. Her complete command of the Japanese language, both written and spoken, was obviously a great aid to her at that time. During this time, Erica continued her studies in esthetics and obtained additional diplomas in makeup, hair, soin esthetique, facial massage, advanced makeup, professional specialties and esthetic technologies, she presented skin are on behalf of Kanebo at the 29th CIDESCO (Comite' International d'Esthetique et de Cosmetologie) World Congress in Athens, Greece in 1975. Ms. Miller also wrote the textbooks, cosmetic guide books, and publicity materials for use in Kanebo's overseas markets; translated two beauty films; and served as an interpreter for Kanebo. Erica continues to work as the United States Consultant for Kanebo and returns to Japan regularly to work on special projects.

"The professional field of esthetics in the U.S.A. owes its success and growth to a handful of people devoted to insuring its place as a new branch of the beauty industry. Working toward this goal, Erica Miller has shown remarkable skills in diplomacy and the intricate politics of a fast-growing profession, while exhibiting an impeccable ethical and professional approach, acting as a catalyst in many difficult situations. Every one that has worked with Erica has learned to love and respect her, and our collective hope is that her example will inspire many of our new colleagues to follow her and work together toward the building of a strong esthetic field in our country. Erica, for your dedication enthusiasm, and professional approach I want to personally thank you." --Christine Valmy.

Erica returned to the United States in 197 and became involved in the esthetics market in this country,. At that time she became Director of Salon Education for Aestheticians International, Inc. and became greatly involved in Aestheticians International Association. It was during this time that Erica began to write some of the numerous articles for which she has now become famous. Along with her responsibilities in sales and education, Erica still found time to prepare for CIDESCO International Examination. She took and passed this examination in July, 1977 and was awarded the prestigious CIDESCO International Diploma at that time.

In 1978 Erica was the first American esthetician to be appointed as an International Delegate Examiner for CIDESCO. She Traveled to England where she examined at the Lilian Maund School for the end-of-term examination and shortly thereafter examined at the 32nd CIDESCO World Congress in Brighton.

"As previously mentioned, Erica became involved with Aestheticians International Association and was one of the original writers and artistic directors of DERMASCOPE. Not only was she responsible for the growth of Aestheticians International Association and education of aesthetics, but through her efforts and her colleagues, she helped develop this small beginning into today's ESTHETICS-AMERICA. Truly Erica Miller is a "legend in her own time!" ----- Ron Renee

Ms. Miller helped organize the highly successful Aestheticians International Association Congress which was held in Dallas in 1979. As one of the first esthetic congresses of its kind, this event was even more exciting because it brought educators to the United States from all over the world.

In 1979 Erica formed her own corporation, Correlations, Inc. in Dallas, Texas, which was solely devoted to the sale of esthetic products, supplies and equipment and advanced training. It was her dream to be able to offer everything the esthetician needed to go into the shin care business. At the same time, she investigated the possibility of importing specialized products for the esthetics market in America, and was soon able to offer these products in this country to the salon market.

The summer of 1980 brought a new venture for Erica. She was asked to become the Editor and Associate Publisher for AESTHERIC'S WORLD Magazine, the country's first and foremost esthetic publication. She held this position for four and a half years, which provided and excellent opportunity for her to become more active in the growth of esthetics in America. During this time, Ms. Miller became aware of the need for a unites esthetic organization. As liason, she was very active in the formation of the Federation of American Esthetics (FAE), which was the merger of the three major American skin care associations at that time. She was also instrumental in merging F A E into the National Cosmetology Association (NCA).

"It has been my pleasure to know and work with Erica for the past eight years, I consider her to be one of America's leading estheticians. Erica has continued to be a guiding force behind the advancement of esthetics today and has been a major contributor to the success of esthetics in the United States. It is with great pride that I call her my colleague and friend. "--------------- Robert Diemer.

During the summer of 1981, Ms. Miller also because the beauty Director for the famous Texas spa commonly known as "the Neiman-Marcus Greenhouse." The beauty department at The Greenhouse was greatly expanded and updated due to Erica's efforts and background. Ms. Miller continues to serve as Beauty Consultant to The Greenhouse and regularly does programs for their guests.

Throughout her years in the esthetic industry, Ms. Miller has probably become most famous as an educator. Her experience in education in esthetics includes numerous classes, seminars and lectures in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Venezuela, Europe and the Unites States. A frequent lecturer at most national shows such as the Long Beach Show in California, the Midwest Dhow in Chicago, National Cosmetology Association's conventions, Ms. Miller's expertise has greatly enhanced the development of esthetics in America. Erica is currently Skin Care Section Director for Esthetics America, the elite esthetic educational committee for the National Cosmetology Association.

As the journey brings us to present time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Erica for her tireless dedication and devotion to the American esthetic industry. Those of us who have has the honor of working with Erica agree that she is one of those few special individuals responsible for the great strides made in esthetics in the last ten years. Erica, for your efforts and energy, we salute you, we honor you, we thank you .

"One of the greatest joys in my life is my friendship with Erica. From the first time we met in 1974, I knew that this was a very SPECIAL kind of person. The years that followed only proved my first impression and gave me even more insight into this talented and charming lady. I watch Erica grow and gain the respect of her colleagues because of her unwavering support of the field of esthetics. When most people didn't even know what the word esthetics meant, she was enthusiastically writing and teaching about America's new-found profession.

Anyone who needed help or advise on how to get started in this industry could count on Erica to sincerely steer them in the right direction. I have often said that this lady has no secrets--she tells everything she knows. She is indeed a living legend and a most important part of the history of esthetics in America. I know I speak for many estheticians out there that owe their beginning to this fine person when I say--thank you Erica for sharing yourself.

Yes the word SPECIAL truly describes her as does this poem by T. Fernandez:



"SPECIAL" is a word

That is used to describe

Something one of a kind

Like a hug

Or a sunset

Or a person who spreads love

With a smile or kind gesture

"SPECIAL" describes people

Who act from the hear

And keeps in mind the hears of others

"SPECIAL" applies to something

That is admired and precious

And which can never by replaces

"SPECIAL" is the word that best

Describes you." " --------- Carole Walderman